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One full year :)

By: Dee4
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I have been absent from the site for quiet sometime but, here I am to update on my one year progress. Crazies, loops, folds, kinks and frizzes I have been thru it and would not change it for the world. I started of with about 28 dreads now I have or I think I have 54 separated some that were to thick for my taste. There is still one more I would like to desperate just haven't had the time to go thru all of that. One since the beginning has been a trouble maker sticking straight out from the side of my head. I am including some pictures they are not the best but, I feel that at least it is something to see the progress of them. The one that has been sticking out I just fixed by looping it amongst itself. I know that is not the wisest thing to do but to me it is for the best as I do not always want to have my dreads tied up or back and that little bugger would make me a bit self conscious. I rinse my scalp everyday I do it so quick so my actual dreads will not become saturated with water, I wash very good every two days and do a bs/acv once a month just to see how much junk is in them. To my surprise it is not bad at all rinse seems to look a little darker after I am done but, nothing out of the ordinary. I have seen quiet a change in them less frizz some blunt tips other with wispy tips. I just leave em alone to do as they please just make sure to wash them and that is about it. I wear em back for special occasions and can actually french braid also. Looking into more things I can do with them just to keep them nice and neat for work other than that they are always free. Anyways want to keep this short. So this is what my dreads have been up to.

04/12/13 04:45:23PM @dee4:
could not figure out how to post pictures on the blog but will post some.

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