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My scalp hurts a bit.

user image 2012-08-25
By: Dee4
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I washed my dreads yesterday and today I just rinsed with water. Well after about 7 hours later I started feeling slight snagging on my scalp specially on my bangs. I normally wear my dreads back with a pretty loose elastic headband due to work. As soon as I walk out the office I let them loose and sway away with the windows rolled down cruising home. I started feeling around at the root of the one that is bothering me the most and can feel that some hairs are really pulling as I can feel the tension. So what I have been doing is just rubbing the root and my scalpof that one painful dread. I rinse my dreads everyday with plain water due to the fact that I sweat alot. I tried positioning it in a diffrent directions for the past few hours but, it still hurts I have a bout half an inch of undreaded hair at the root. What can I do to relive that snagging feeling I seriously can't stand it anymore and it feels uncomfy :(

08/26/12 11:11:15AM @dee4:

SE I went to bed right after I posted. I flipped my dreads over the pillow and it did feel better. I woke up and brushed my teeth and noticed that some hair from that dread pulled it self out. Maybe that little bit of hair did not like that specific dread it was inand will find its way into another dread or form a new dread same thing happened to one on the back of my head I felt pulling but it was not bothersome when I was separating after a wash I felt a new thin dread forming just left it alone to do its thing. The section is about half an inch maybe a bit bigger and the dread itself is a bit thicker than a pencil and thinner than my pinky finger. Thank you guys.

Baba Fats
08/26/12 08:45:13AM @baba-fats:

If you sleep with them down around you, they are probably getting stuck under you at night and some of the loose hairs might be getting pulled out. That will make your scalp a bit sore. You can get some jojoba and peppermint oil and use a little bit to massage your scalp. This will relieve most of the pain. I have one of the back of my head the hurts every once in a while. It's not uncommon.

How big are the sections around that lock? It could be that the section is just a few hair too big

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/26/12 12:39:22AM @soaring-eagle:

well dont runb the roos

maybe rub the scalp o=is there a hair from 1 dread going into that dread causing the pulling?

long term solutin use your dreads to tie back yoir dreads

short term

go to bed its late anyway just flip em up over the oillow they will be suported and wont be pulling by morning you'll forget all about it

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