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4 mths 6 days Update...

user image 2012-08-15
By: Dee4
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So I have been dreading for 4 months now they are looking pretty good with an occasional bad hair day that a tam will hide. I have noticed some strange section well, to be exact I have no pattern to the sections and find myself constantly seperating after every wash. Guess it is a normal process of all of this some days they are tighter than others. It is kind of like a roller coaster ride some great other ok. So what started out with wax and rubber bands was totally lost. After I decided to stop waxing and removed rubber bands I felt a certain liberty which is a great feeling. Somedays I feel a little down and I see my self in the mirror and they are in their best behaviour which lightens up my day :D. I am so happy with them just a little concerned about the un even sections I am wondering if that is normal. I have been doing the acv/bs, add lime juice and sometimes Iadd sea salt to mymix. I also have been washing it one time aweek with dreadlock shampoowhich is almost finished soI can order some from here. I also wet them every day since I am out in the road all day seeing patients and thisSouth Texas heat has been reallysomething unbelivable today we hit 104^F degrees. So yes I wet them every day as soon as I get home from work to get the sweat out and rub my scalp a bit and let them dry before I go to bed. I wash every other day with acv/bsordread shampoo. I was told clarifying shampoos are good haven't tried that yet. My boss gave me some aloe very plants for my birthday and I will try once my babies are a bit more mature since I did try and it made some dreads so soft that the unraveled. Ok well this concludes my 4 moth update pictures will be posted soon please feel free to give me any feedback bad or good I take criticismvery well.Ok my dreadie friend till next time.

P.S: How do I post pictures up to my blogs?

08/16/12 12:00:01PM @dee4:

I removed all wax at 2nd month, a few days ago I separated a fatty and no wax inside yay so happy for that.. By your expertiese I belive everything is processing the way it should and no need to worry on anything just let them be. With the occasional separating. :) Some locks are a bit bigger than others I just found a little one on the top rear of my head I find it to be the cuttest little thing ever :). No more citrus @ Baba and @ SE. @ Daydreamer Yes I will be posting pix up soon Happy 4 months to you too :)

Baba Fats
08/16/12 09:41:44AM @baba-fats:

The random sectioning is just right. Some locks should be fatter to give your hair volume, and other should be smaller to fill in any gaps and make you look like you've got more hair. I've got some that are 1/4 inch thick, and a few that are over 2 inches. Now 2 inches is too big for most people, so I don't recommend you let them congo that big unless you really want super fat locks, and are willing to take the extra effort to take care of them.

Clarifying shampoo is good to get residue out, but it won't do very much for the wax. For that, you need to get a detergent like dawn dish soap or the wax remover from It's a difficult process but well worth it. Also, clarifying shampoo are not meant to be used often, just a couple of times a year. And like Eagle said, don't add any citrus to your wash. Citric acid is strong and seeps into your hair shaft and degrades it. When you see hair lightening after using citrus, that's actually your hair follicles breaking down.

08/16/12 09:28:38AM @daydreamer:

Our locs bdays are almost the same:) April 12th here. I feel ya on the texas whether as well. I'm so glad my dreads are long enough to put up off my neck or I'd suffocate!

As for the sectioning... mine are all over the place too. They look more natural that way. Instead of all lined up in a perfect row like cars in a dealership. Lame. Embrace the craziness & post some pics so I can see your progress.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/15/12 10:23:21PM @soaring-eagle:

at top of the text editor theres a toolbar to add pics the second button tho theres a site issue due to testing a beta feature thar makes thar toolbar not always load it should be fixed soon reloading most likely will get it working if multiple reloads dont contact me or baba imedietly to du]isable that feature
did u get the wax out?
u shouldnt be addinhg lime or lemon or any citrus

sections sg]hould be all random why should they be even? do tree roots all grow exactly the same?

how bigs the glass bead

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