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Location: Muskoka, Ontario
Country: CA


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09/23/10 11:32:55AM @momahepp:
Hey, sorry I just saw this message. I didn't have dreads while I was prego. But I noticed my hair never shed during the pregnancy. But after the birth it's started shedding like crazy. That's when I started doing my dreads. Now I don't notice it I guess cuz it all gets stuck in. I've had dreads b4 and for some reason I do like the little bit of bangs better. Softens it up a bit.

Kelly F
09/20/10 01:58:08PM @kelly-f:
Lovin your dreads mama. I too started with thick, smooth, straight hair. Hoping in a year and a half they look half as sweet as yours! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kiwi Chick
09/13/10 12:32:18AM @kiwi-chick:
Well im just hoping that mine turn out ok, :/ my sis didn't section very well, the sections were like large, I ended up with like 31 dreads lol.... I must say its good to see strait hair dread up so nicely. Im just sorting like going with the flow really with mine, i get a bit paranoid occasionally but I get alot of comfort from this board and ppl like you.. :)

09/12/10 10:28:07AM @momahepp:
I like your hair...ALOT!:-)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/11/10 11:51:36PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisterreally great to meet you glad u joined usnamaste

Kiwi Chick
09/11/10 10:29:09PM @kiwi-chick:
Hi there, and welcome,YOur dreads look very nice, sounds like you know what you doing.... 3rd time in the running? :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/26/11 05:52:26PM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/26/11 05:52:26PM @soaring-eagle:

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