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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/14/12 10:47:56AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and good luck getting the wax out

Michelle Johnson
05/09/13 12:12:42AM @michelle-johnson:

GREAT music list lady! Thank you for the add <3

Spencer Livingston
07/04/11 04:39:19PM @native-girl77:
Hey sista :Dx.

Jessica Summers
06/08/11 04:43:45PM @alice-lane:
Hey Alana! :) When you get a chance (If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you! & love,Mia

Kharey Huston
04/27/11 08:19:53PM @rian-charme:

:) Thanks, no I don't think that sounds weird. Nice background!

Gus Quintero
04/12/11 02:42:08PM @agape1515:

slow but seady i guess got a vid up umm i'll send you a link in abit x

04/11/11 06:05:50PM @lyon-unverzagt:
I dont blame u dave grohl is the man!!. Yea nz is a pretty chilled place to live i live in a small town at the moment in the south island called alexandra population 2,500 maybe??. Nz has some beautiful surroundings thou mountains,rivers,lakes, much like canada i would imagine. Would love to get over their at sum stage an check it out, Peace!!

04/11/11 01:29:48AM @lyon-unverzagt:
Hey! Thanks for the add. Love the dave grohl background2 : ) . Your dreads are lookn real good for their age . Peace.!!!!

04/08/11 11:11:10AM @k-michelle-sanders:
Sick dreads dude, and barely at 5 months they are gonna look sweet. Do you mind if I ask what size crochet needle you used?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/07/11 09:19:10PM @soaring-eagle:

i wouldnt wait 4 1 close instead go no matter how far it is

in fact ccome to our nationals its 10-20 times bigger and better then ny regna or intertional in fact way bigger then a world gathering tooo

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