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Daryl  Brandon


Location: Lodi, CA
Zipcode: 95240
Country: US


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My Hair.

By: Daryl Brandon
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Well me and my hair have always been close.So much so that it was what people defined me by.I was the dude with the 'Fro.Then I became the dude who looked like Corbin Bleu...Meh, it's always stuck by me, and i've always been a bit overprotective of it.It's gotten me chicks, conversation, friends, pretty much anything I wanted...Til High School ended and I needed to find a job.So about two years ago I decided to end the relationship.It was fun while it lasted, but it was time to move onto other things.I cut my hair, kept it short for a while and went on with life, started making money and everything was good for a time.Now i'm kinda done with my job and making a different life decision soon.So I finally decided to act on my dreams and make myself some dreads.As with most I decided to drop by a certain site and buy a kit.I also hired a Loctician to help me out.After touching the wax she told me it smelled pretty, but she refused to use it.So we went on using some other stuff, mostly non-stick hairspray to help backcombing.After it was all said and done I was kinda puzzled.I saw so many pictures of satisfied customers with beautiful dreads, and I wanted em.Meh, I calmed down and did some dreadhead searches.I hit some guy barking about the Wax and trying to promote his own crap, Many Johnny Clean defense vids, Johnny is a tyrant Vids, and everything was pretty much saying "Do Not Use Wax".Only 1 Video made a difference to me.It was this little asshole.I don't know why, but what he said and did really made me want to check out that banner he threw up at the end.So I jumped in and I saw what I needed.The Johnny Clean vs. argument.Now i'm lost...Because i've no pictures for the Site, check my Myspace for the pics of my old
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/19/10 10:30:40PM @soaring-eagle:
haha i knew that and im glad that vid got your attention i figured it would :) ..i still wanna test how flamable wax makes

Daryl  Brandon
05/19/10 10:17:25PM @daryl-brandon:
Yeah, i'm Definitely going to stick around and ask plenty of questions.And that Matt guy is a pretty badass dude, i'm just kidding around when I say asshole.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/19/10 10:02:00PM @soaring-eagle:
haha well hes not an asshole but glad u came bywell all u need to know is wax is wax the same guy whos selling you wax warns you not to useresidues then sells u 12 productys that all are residues..hmm and wax is noy just stiff sticky residue but waterproof too and tio melt it out requires dangerouse heatjohnny is well a businessman making alot off of a scamdreads happen if u do nothomng and use nothing but hes convinced u u need 20 steps a pro and 20 products along wiith 12 tools ..dreads been around long before wax and my johnny and dreads will survive his lies butklook around the site (read the wax removal thread especialy and dreaducation too) and you'll find dreads dread way better and last way longer when u dont force them or gunk them up..just stick around you'll learn alot

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