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Faith in my Locs

By danatrain, 2011-12-26

So, the best way to promote the growth of your locs, I hear, is to have faith in them. With hope and positive energy they will come into their own and flourish! But there are a few people I have met in my travels, who have truly given me a new hope for my dreads, because sometime we get discouraged and somnetimes, I want to give up. I believe by having that energy though, you may be potentially harming them. On most days, I peer upon my knotty head and have hope and happiness about them.

They are 5 months old!

And from here on, I will remain solid with my dreads.

So let me thank those who have encouraged me, including that of a gentleman I met at a Christmas party last night, turned me to Dr. Bronner's and told me to leave them be. Second person in 24 hours to tell me to leave them be, so I think I might take that advice and see what is ahead for this journey. Oddly enough, my dad has encouraged me in the simple accepting of them, when my mother couldn't. And one more thank you to Maya who works at a spiritual shop in Laramie, Wyoming, whom I came across when poking around Laramie on my off days whilest living in Colorado. Living in a very conservative, small town isn't quite all that easy with locs. While there, I heard all sorts of rumors about myself being diseased and dirty. Regardless, I still love that valley for the atmosphere; even is the people weren't all too accepting. Maya helped me renew my love for my dreads, and showed me what 2 years of patience and positive thinking could do for one's head.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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