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Progress Report #1; Day 3ish

user image 2013-02-11
By: CzCacher
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Well, since starting three dreads on the bottom layer of my hair on Saturday I haven't really done much to my hair. I generally only wash it once or twice a week (more than that and it gets really weird) so it's not unusual that it's Monday and the last wash was Saturday.So far things look good. I don't know how I feel about the ends of the dreads, I feel like maybe they should go further down the length of my hair than they do but no matter how much I try to redo the end they kind of naturally unloc at the bottoms.I am going to most likely add some more next week. I have been looking at different ways people do partials and will have the appropriate time to put into it. I'll probably post pics every Saturday since that's when I started.As far as products I will mostly have to give up my go to dry shampoo since I can't see that working with dreads. I've done some research and besides the baking powder/acv rinse I plan on using some essential oils for scalp care. I have read that using Lush's solid shampoo in "soak in float" is a great way to help with any itchiness that arises from having dreads.Anyone else just have partial dreads? What about people who suffer from itchy/dry scalp even when dread free? Anyone use solid shampoo?
the Barrellady
02/13/13 11:42:18PM @the-barrellady:

Hi there & welcome to the beginning of your journey, you will find that you'll probably end up doing a full head of hair once you see the cool dreads forming. Twist & Rip or backcombing is only a started method to get the sections started if you don't want to wait for natural separating. Those two methods need to take a step back and loosen in order to loop & shrink to become a dread. You are getting frustrated with the loose ends, but that is the process it needs take to become mature. The only way you are going to stop it from naturally happening is to wrap them with hemp or embroidery thread, or to put a bead on the end. The bead will cause the dread to take longer to dry, as it will stop the natural water drips off the end.

Don't restart, don't re twist or tighten, small breaks will happen in the hair if it is done over and over, and that would suck as it weakens the dread.

02/11/13 09:04:12AM @czcacher:
Thanks for the info. I haven't restarted... They are staying in. I just get frustrated with the loose ends. They have a mind of their own!Do you have a link for how to include pics in blog posts?

02/11/13 08:58:25AM @kelly3:

You should never redo a starter method. Even if the dread completely falls apart, just let it happen. It will lock back up eventually, but in a better position on the scalp.

Use only luke warm water for washing, and do a freezing cold rinse at the very end. This will help with scalp itch.

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