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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/04/11 11:17:41AM @soaring-eagle:


id be careful with twisting or stop it completely can weaken the roots cause then to bereak and even cause permenant balding lots do it to excess and really cause trouble but theres no rreason to ever twist after the 1st day

Holly Sanderson
02/20/13 06:56:16AM @holly-sanderson:
Brotherrrr, your fatties are beyond impressive. I don't think I've ever said this to anyone, but if I could pick a set of locs that I'd want mine to resemble, yours would for sure be those :]I've got 28. How about you?

01/14/12 08:31:26AM @red-dreemz:
your dreads are perfect juat the way they are x

Emperor Of Cats
02/12/11 04:29:51AM @natavia-ravenann:
Yeah man just wondering. Love your dreads.

Emperor Of Cats
02/10/11 11:22:58PM @natavia-ravenann:
any recent pics of your dreads dude?

Emperor Of Cats
01/18/11 01:18:20PM @natavia-ravenann:

Thanks for the reply, I have not been doing much of the BS/ACV wash in the past but i think i will try it about once a week or so now. All I have been using is the Dreadheadhq shampoo which I hear is not so great. Mine are neglect also, not much sectioning going on, but A LOT of loose hair still after about 7-8 thinking that shampoo is making it to conditioned and not letting it fully dread. Im going to skip that now and go to BS/ACV with maybe some teatree. I just love how thick your locks are :P

(ps. all my pics are somewhat old and do not show much progress in the past 2 months..)

Emperor Of Cats
01/17/11 09:26:07PM @natavia-ravenann:
Hey whats up. I was looking at your pictures and I am digging the hair. I was wondering how you got your dreads so thick. Mine are pretty thin and they look like yours in one of your pics and then in the picture where you're wearing the green shirt they look super thick and how I want mine to look. Did you do anything special to achieve that? Advice?
01/02/11 03:14:47PM @joann-price:
A bit, yeah, but I only recently just came back, so I can't speak for about a month ago or so. :P
01/01/11 10:00:12PM @joann-price:
hey there, long time no chat :)

K Michelle Sanders
10/28/10 10:51:00AM @cricketine:
no problem dear:)

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