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On cultural appropriation

By: Currychakra
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When I told my best friend about wanting to start dreadlocks, she warned me about the risk of cultural appropriation and showed me this mess of a war that was circulating on tumblr.

Gawd, that poor girl.

Ok, we all know here that dreadlocks arent exclusively Rasta, so Im not goiong to elaborate on this here.

This cultural appropriation thing really is a surprise for me, before my friend mentioned it, Ive never even heard of the term.

You can call me ignorant, but I hail from a country with mixed ethnic groups and we have a day called racial harmony day to celebrate.

Youll see chinese wearing the sari, malay wearing the qipao, indians wearing the gi and hakama and so on. And the outfits are usually borrowed from our friends from the other ethinic group.

So these kind of thing is really mind boggling for me. How do most cultures come about if theres no cultural appropriation?

Doesnt everything originate from somewhere?

We all learn from each other and if something works, it works, no?

Ultimately, were all one race.

The human race.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/02/14 07:38:23PM @soaring-eagle:

all advancements and diuscoveries were spread culture to culturtre sailing, cooking, taming of horses, farming, etc 1 culture disxcovers or invents something another culture adopts it seeing its benifits and so on

the argument used is dreadlocks came from africa

well all cultures had dreadlocks

but mankind originated in africa so thats where they came from

but mankind migrated from africa to everywhere and guess what they took with them

2 arms 2 legs 2 eyes a nose mouth

now if they are to claim that since dreads originated in africa only africans should wear dreads then you could argue that driving automobiles originated in america with caucasians so only caucasian americans deserve to drive cars

ofcourse every science had an origon mathamatics writting spoken word music..bathing..\

every single thing we own know of use see hear taste all originated somewhere then were shared taken borrowed inspired by or won in conquest..andspread across the globe

everything has spread everywhere

people all over the earth havelearned to wipe thier asses.. from one culture to another

small diferences exist some prefer tiolet paper some thier hand some a leafe or cloth

just like music originated in a cave somewhere and spread one culture adding its own beat that the next modified and added a harmony and culture by culture it changed

but because 1 culture created jazz another classical another rock doesmnt mean they have to listen to that exclusively..or play fact they can mix and match and blend

its how the world hasd worked from thedawn of man before we even had a word for culture we were sharing it

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