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thinking of starting curly dreads?

By: curlyrose
Posted in:

havent brushed it in 3 days.

want to let it dread... but i wat to be able to shower in the morning? would it kill it to rinse my hair for about 30 seconds in the morning? im liking the tangly look :3

sorry is tied back,

also worried bout losing length

ill keep posting pictures!

11/29/12 06:18:55PM @curlyrose:

hanks guys! :d

11/29/12 10:48:50AM @kelly3:

Again though, this can lead to mould if the dreads don't get a chance to dry all the way through. Just be careful with it, guys.

Ginger, your right. I can go 4-5 days without feeling the need to wash. No itches or anything, but at that stage I'm usually thinking I should wash it. Every 3 days is my routine of choice.

11/29/12 09:06:45AM @gingerrose:
Shower caps rule. You can easily wash face and ears without getting your hair wet if you want (I just pile it all up in a clip). It took a short while to get my scalp to stop producing so much oil, but I am now up to 2-3 days between washes, and my hair does not look dirty, and smells pleasant up to some time on that 3rd day when it starts to itch a little. Some curly-haired scalps are less oily to begin with, and can go longer without washing while still maintaining a clean feel.

11/28/12 05:43:53PM @kelly3:

Curly hair generally dreads faster, so I say go for it. You will lose some length, but I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, dreads look cool :) You can wash your hair in the morning, but as the dreads take hold you should only wash once every 2 days (depending on thickness) in order to avoidmould.

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