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Crystal Miller


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Just started my journey... Yesterday.

By: Crystal Miller
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I've had dreadlocks before. I ripped and twisted my way to a head of thin and fuzzy dreads and took them out a few weeks later. Then I tried braiding in synthetic dreadlocks I got online but they left me feeling fake and like my head was a million pounds too heavy, so they only lasted a week. Now, I start my journey. The other times didn't even feel real to me. I'm going all natural/neglect, and already enjoying it. (I'm only one day in tho O.o). I finally feel like I have chosen the right path for myself. If anyone have any tips or encouragement, it is more then welcome. And if you can answer this question for me, I will be forever in your debt... Well in your debt for at least a month. :X. I want to make homemade beads. Since my hair has not dreaded yet can I still put beads in? Will it help the sectioning process? Will it slow down the dread process? I already have some nots forming in the back where I sleep, can I put beads on them to keep them from becoming one huge knot? I just want to put pretty beads in my hair, is that so much to ask?!
the Barrellady
07/28/13 03:43:37AM @the-barrellady:

Glad you are excited about this journey. Sure beads will help, just pay attention to the section and what it is doing, if a big loop forms, you might want to move the bead or take it out. Gosh, to make beads, just look around the house or outdoors, a drill bit and sand paper are a wonderful friend. Go to a thrift store and look at necklaces with cool beads, use those, just make the holes bigger!...peace

Now you are in my debt!

I have some tips for you. Although I started mine with T&R after my hair naturally separated, there are tips on there that are useful for you:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/20/13 03:35:35PM @soaring-eagle:

i started by just puting in a few beads in the back it wont help sectioning i put em inafter sectioning but it will help em dread u can out em in anytime but ones u put in early may be stuck for years and years (even possibly permenantlu)

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