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Crystal Miller


Location: Carthage, NY
Zipcode: 13619
Country: US


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My hair and my stress

By Crystal Miller, 2013-07-22
Craziness lately. My mother is in the hospital with end stage liver disease. It's my intention to donate a part of my liver to save her life. I'm not worried about the surgery, or the long recovery time, or the huge scar I will have. But it seems like the entire universe is against me. It will be a fairly long trip to her hospital in CT, especially with my 1 year old in the back seat. Since my husband has to work ill need to get a rental car. I can't get a rental car until I pay an outstanding ticket I got a while back. I called the court to pay the fine and guess what?! The woman won't be there until tomorrow. Yet another day I have to wait. Then I will just have to hope that the payment goes through so that I can get my rental car the next day. The stress of it all makes me want to pull my hair out!!! Aaaaaah, my hair. It's been 4...5? days since I got rid of my brush and went full neglect. It's messy, and wild, and I love it. It's beautiful chaos amongst the ugly chaos of my life. I love that it is one less thing that I have to worry about. I'm so thankful for this site introducing me to this all natural way. It really is my peace of mind and I'm grateful that it showed up when it did. <3
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Just started my journey... Yesterday.

By Crystal Miller, 2013-07-19
I've had dreadlocks before. I ripped and twisted my way to a head of thin and fuzzy dreads and took them out a few weeks later. Then I tried braiding in synthetic dreadlocks I got online but they left me feeling fake and like my head was a million pounds too heavy, so they only lasted a week. Now, I start my journey. The other times didn't even feel real to me. I'm going all natural/neglect, and already enjoying it. (I'm only one day in tho O.o). I finally feel like I have chosen the right path for myself. If anyone have any tips or encouragement, it is more then welcome. And if you can answer this question for me, I will be forever in your debt... Well in your debt for at least a month. :X. I want to make homemade beads. Since my hair has not dreaded yet can I still put beads in? Will it help the sectioning process? Will it slow down the dread process? I already have some nots forming in the back where I sleep, can I put beads on them to keep them from becoming one huge knot? I just want to put pretty beads in my hair, is that so much to ask?!
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