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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/17/11 11:26:48AM @soaring-eagle:

08/19/10 10:21:55PM @dean-richardson:
Hey Roger Have an Awsome burn!! Eight days and I'll be standing on the playa Aaaaahhhh. :) If you find yourself in 3'oclock plaza Drop in Bad Idea theater and say hi! Have a good trip,Robb

04/16/10 03:55:22PM @sarah-dunn: you might enjoy this...even though you've probably heard it. But I thought of you when I saw this soooo...enjoy? Yeah, enjoy. :)Love, Mary Vee

Caroline Bassett
04/08/10 08:45:33PM @geoff-lahey:
much thanks for the good vibes, it's been a long couple months.

04/06/10 02:42:42PM @winter:
Thanks Love, Why.. I am glad I found you too!

Yosef Tafari
04/03/10 02:14:12PM @josh4:
I haven't heard of either of these things. I have been just playing around for the most part and mimicking the things I have seen other contact jugglers I know doing. I am a big fan of the theater bizarre, and the popular circus freaks of my home town :) one of these days I will probably go see them for some serious lessons.

Mary White
03/30/10 02:01:20PM @dee3:
sweeeet. hope to c u at one!

03/30/10 08:01:08AM @sarah-dunn:
Mwahaha! Well I'm glad I can make someone blush Lol. Glad to be your friend. :)Peace and Love,Mary Vee

Mary White
03/29/10 08:16:44PM @dee3:
I certainly hope they do! My boyfriend is just going to die when I show him your videos. He called me on his break from work and I was like, Ken we need to join the circus!!! Or start our own... lol. I love arts and crafts but when I started hooping, it made me so much happier. I'm not a very patient person, but once I get the hang of something, it's on! I'll work very hard on it. Using my whole body to create moving art is so exhilarating. I've been watching videos all day trying to memorize some tricks, unfortunately I can't go outside to practice right now, it's raining pretty hard here in PA. I plan to do some traveling myself. Oh, and I had no idea that contact juggling could create illusions like the floating ball trick. Crazy stuff. Now that summer is almost here, I'm getting all jittery, I need to move! I spend all summer outside, but now I feel like I have a purpose instead of just meandering around. And what terrific exercise hooping is! I'm bruised and sore but it is so worth it! And it's wonderful to meet others who share my enthusiasm. Thanking you, Loving you, Shawnee Lynn.P.S. Ever go to a rainbow gathering? This year is going to be my first year. We're going July 1st thru the 7th. Not sure where it's going to be just yet, but it is going to be East Coast.

Mary White
03/29/10 05:54:06PM @dee3:
Very pleased to make your acquaintance, sir. You need to teach me some tricks! I'm just starting to hoop. Don't know anything really except the lasso and helicopter. Tee hee. I wish I was in a circus!

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