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Courtney J


Location: Saint Louis, MI
Zipcode: 48880
Country: US


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Courtney J

Bye Bye Baby dreads

So I have a few very small dreads...
@Courtney J 7 years ago - Comments: 6
Courtney J

New Dreads doing some crazy stuff

I'm going on about a month and a half...
@Courtney J 8 years ago - Comments: 6

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Photo uploaded on May 17, 2012
My love :)
My brother and his sister :)


jessica rainbow
10/23/11 10:15:18PM @storm730:

i love your dreads!

Linda Marie Gates
10/18/11 11:22:48AM @linda-marie-gates:

Thanks a bunch!! :)

Linda Marie Gates
10/17/11 10:38:32PM @linda-marie-gates:

your dreads are lovely.. :)

06/27/11 02:40:01PM @rasdanuel:
Hey Thanks!! You Have Beautiful Dreads.. Hugs And Blessing

Nadya Papusa
06/06/11 12:29:08AM @ashley6:
ohh that is cool!! Thanks!!

06/04/11 12:08:34PM @chad-white:
thats good to know i plan on visiting there some day, wow its winter there? lol its summer here in the states, and i live in the south so its hot as hell down here lol, the U.S. is dope, u have your good days and your bad days, but hey who doesnt? so what are you in to ? it seems as if u have a great sense of humor, which is awesome, because i love to smile and laugh :-) laughter heals the soul...

Nadya Papusa
05/31/11 08:56:25AM @ashley6:
Thanks! I was going to say how awesome yours are!! I find it mind boggling that they can do it at a salon. All my friends that are hair dressers say they were never taught that in beauty school. And every time I go with my boyfriend when he gets his hair cut, they are very interested in talking to me about mine! They are shocked when I tell them I did nothing! haha

05/30/11 12:52:40PM @chad-white:
so how is life down under? inquiring minds would like to know! :-)

Nadya Papusa
05/28/11 12:39:30AM @ashley6:
Love your dreadies!! What method did you use?!

05/28/11 12:28:41AM @chad-white:
Your Profile Picture ROCKS! and your lox are HOT!

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