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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/12 02:24:14PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome your dreads look great but wax was a very bade mistake so is rubber bands

u must remove both

and wax is extreemely hard to remove

mangio lime products are made for african hair only u dont want them tioo moisturizing

all u want is to keep em clean

thatsw a;ll

02/02/13 11:12:17PM @byrdman:
Hey. I want to just let my hair grow out and let it do what it do. But I'm kinda worried that it may become painful/uncomfortable/unmanageable. But I'm really into the idea of not separating and just going completely freeform and wild. Any thoughts?

Leroy Jenkins
10/01/12 06:56:05PM @leroy-jenkins:

yeah i know what you mean, i use almost all of those. except for the peppermint. the rosemary and sage i use with the baking soda wash along with alot of the other more pungent smelling herbs like marjoram, savory, parsley, and a few others i cant name off the top of my head haha. i use the green and spearmint tea along with the vinegar so that the sweeter smelling ones are the last ones in there. feels amazing on the scalp

Danielle Hache
09/18/12 04:53:13PM @danielle-hache:

Thankyou trina! How is your dreadlock journey going?

08/09/12 06:23:06PM @kickz:

Hi ! Thankyou for joining the Terence Mckenna Group ! I saw ur photo entitled 'here comes the sun' some months back featured on the home page. Just wanted to say...Amazing dreads !!

Much Love Xx

will bo dean strader
08/08/12 06:24:26PM @will-bo-dean-strader:

Hi! I was just wondering.. I saw that you make jewelry! My husband and I started making beads and such and decided to start making necklaces as well. What do you use as a clasp for your necklaces? We're not sure whether to make our own out of the polymer clay or somehow make some out of wire. Your work is beautiful btw <3 :)

06/25/12 03:51:17PM @chad-white:

A South-West Georgian

By Qube Goodie

My motivation Ignites my entire spiritual nation, Emancipation worldly proclamation, locked on all global stations. Vivid like animation, cool and calm i have mad patience, patients of bold graphic conjunctions congruent creations,

Devastation, Heavy points of Exclamation, Marks razor sharp darts, florescent flows, lyrics that glow in the dark.

Satisfying my craving, a conflict of interest, my imagination is misbehaving, comprehend what I'm delegating? Obtaining over- standing apprehending, exhibiting intelligence demonstrating and carefully weighing, My spoken word is Complete mayhem, I'm a South-west Georgian

poo for brains
06/25/12 02:55:57AM @poo-for-brains:

Thanks Trina for the lovely welcome! I am doing great with my locs. They are already one month old! Time goes by fast... Anyway stay being bright and beautiful!! =)

06/22/12 01:25:22PM @chad-white:

Congratulations i see one of your picture made the banner, thats awesome!!!!!

Leroy Jenkins
06/01/12 06:03:24AM @leroy-jenkins:

thanks for the comment trina. and i have found this site very useful and enjoyable. absolutely love your dreads by the way.

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