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Cory Lewis


Location: Kansas City, MO
Zipcode: 64128
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/29/11 07:52:38PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome um u know wax is no good for dreads u should use the wax removers and get it all out right away

Bob Davison2
05/02/11 03:56:59PM @brandon-tomaselli:
Forgive me for the message , other day , i studied the case , and i saw , that is not some thing so easy , i hope that you forgive me .A NICE BEGIN OF WEEK !GREATS FOR YOU !KINGSTONLEBLON

Bob Davison2
04/30/11 05:05:59PM @brandon-tomaselli:
I sent some message for you .Take a look later .NICE WEEK END !GREATS FOR YOU .

Lauriee dread brannon
03/16/11 10:58:59AM @heindrich-du-preez:
happy b day!

03/13/11 06:49:40AM @mzjae:
hope you are well pardon this silence

03/13/11 06:49:16AM @mzjae:
hope you are well forgive me this silence love and peace

12/27/10 05:18:38AM @mzjae:
forgine me brothers for tis silence cause is clear, happy new year,and long life for you and for your movement

Matu Kuul
08/20/10 11:43:02AM @emma-kate:
Awesome looking dreads

Agha Majid
07/18/10 10:03:38AM @max-kerkula:
Hi Sista!!i have already added u!!keep in touchJAH bless =)

Doug Mighty
06/21/10 09:06:20AM @taylor-devin:
LOVE your dreads!

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