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Broke down..

By: Coloursnrainbows
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So I broke down and bought a box of hair dye.. I'm sitting here staring at it thinking do I want to do this? I only want to dye the body of my baby dreads and not touch the roots..I want to lighten the body of the dreads to a light blonde. As they are right now a yellowish orange color which is not very pleasing to me. So what Am I waiting for? Hmm. Kinda afraid of not being able to wash all the dye outDecisions decisions...
12/02/12 02:21:05PM @coloursnrainbows:
I already have three months worth of regrowth now. About a month ago it was little awkward but I got past that. Just gotta lighten this orangey color.

12/02/12 02:18:00PM @coloursnrainbows:
Oh I have been coloring my hair for years. I'm not to worried about my roots because is the summer months my natural color will be a very light blonde. I'm testing out a couple of babies now. Thank you.

12/02/12 02:11:28PM @jacquie2:

maybe you could just use a semi permanent dye to tone down the gold . Choose an ash tone as it will counteract the gold and try to keep it close to your natural not lighter

, then you will have little upkeep

12/02/12 02:06:19PM @jacquie2:

well whatever you decide to do remember when you color there is upkeep involved and your natural color will always come in . so if you dont mind a two toned look as your growing color out........

12/02/12 01:54:17PM @coloursnrainbows:
I have dyed one of my other sets before. And didn't have any problems I think it's just me trying to grow in my natural color is what is making me second guess myself.

12/02/12 01:47:23PM @jacquie2:

may i suggest doing it professionally though?

12/02/12 01:39:49PM @jacquie2:

never had a problem dyind dreds just make sure you wash really really well although some purists might say no and yes it can be drying to hair , make your own decision though

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