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Natural and patience.

By: Coloursnrainbows
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Can't wait for my natural hair color to grow back in! These roots are driving me crazy! Learning to manage my patience is a journey in itself. On the road of my dread journey. Learning patience. :)
11/08/12 12:00:10PM @coloursnrainbows:
Oooo sounds like much fun! Ido have a vampire red myself. I absolutely adore!

11/08/12 11:19:56AM @mons:
I have a couple very tiny dreads and lots of loose hair (I combed some original dreads out thinking I was going to comb them all out) at the nape of my neck. I think I'm going to bleach those then dye them turquoise, dye some regular colored with the same, and lighten a couple.

11/08/12 10:46:11AM @coloursnrainbows:
Welcome! I as well was thinking of just doing a couple of dreads. I do have a semi permanent brownish color at home. I think I'd be Ohk with a few of them done. :)

11/08/12 09:53:25AM @mons:
I'm working on messing around with things. My daughter dyes her hair black then bleaches and dyes other parts funky colors. Last week when I was doing her hair, I had her dye a loc with the black dye, it turned it a lovely chestnut brown. It's on my neck line tho so it's not easy to see. We have tons of the turquoise dye left, so I think I'm going to slather some of it on a couple. They may turn out moldy green because of how dark my hair is, but it'll be something different lol. I have to re-bleach her again and may try one or two smaller dreadies. What I remember from bleaching my sons dreads several years ago was they can turn out really I'm kind of nervous about that. I may try the blonde dye out too tho. Thanks for the suggestion!

11/08/12 09:05:32AM @coloursnrainbows:
I know what u mean. U can try a light blonde dye it may lighten them a little bit and maybe what u are looking for. I would stay away from the bleach tho that can be very harsh. I know from my own experience. But try it on one or two first to see if u like it and u can always repeat it again to keep lightening them but no bleaching. Ewww. My hair still feels like straw in some parts. And that was three months ago and before I started my dread process. They have come along way

11/08/12 08:30:32AM @mons:
I know what you mean. Now that I have a use for fun beads, I can't find any of the ones I had a long time ago.I've just rediscovered my hair a couple months ago, I love it! The only thing that's really bothering me to change is the color. I look at pics and it just looks like messy hair. I would like some dreadies lightened up some so you can actually see them. I have a lot of people tell me it's hard to tell I have dreads, especially when I have my hair pulled back.

11/08/12 08:02:32AM @coloursnrainbows:
Mons u are defiantly right! It is getting easier. And I do have some cool beads in there now. And I think I may want to wrap one or two. But not sure yet. I do have this amazing glass bead I had gotten from a friend like 10 years ago that I had worn on one of my dreads back then. And recently I have no idea where it has taken off too. I miss it and hope it will find its way back to me.

11/08/12 07:53:07AM @mons:
Good to hear it's getting easier not thinking about those pesky roots. I have the opposite problem, I want to lighten my hair some so you can see more dreadie definition! Given enough time, you probably won't think about your hair at all for a couple months at least. Then you'll realize you have hair again and obsess about it in different ways. Like what fun beads and cool wraps to do.

11/08/12 07:42:11AM @coloursnrainbows:
This week I'm doing a little better with accepting my roots. Thinking a little less about dying them. Since I had gone to look at dye an couldn't decide on a color. And what also helped I had found some old pictures of me with my natural color as well. I think if it were summer time and warmer weather I wouldn't have such a problem with it. As for in the summer my roots always blended in. They would almost lighten to a very light blonde naturally. Never had to dye my hair in the summer. But in the colder months my roots get very dark. U can't even tell I am naturally blonde. That's why I was having such a hard time trying to decided what color to dye my hair. So it is best to leave it alone. I was thinking tho maybe doing some toning sessions to help lighten the so calle blonde I have now cuz it's kinda a little yellowish but as u said I don't want to undo and progress.What method are u using for your locks? Are u doing it the natural way? I had back combed mine. So I am not to worried about losing to much progress. But if I were doing the natural way I would totally be worried about dying it at only 2 months old.

11/05/12 05:42:07AM @coloursnrainbows:
I did condition my hair afterwards. And a few deep ones. It did help. And it's true that the damage does help it dread faster. But hey lesson learned.

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