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Cody Galvan


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just starting!!!!!

user image 2013-08-04
By: Cody Galvan
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Hey guys so my hair is only grown out about an inch or so and I know I got a long ways to go.. But I was wondering going the neglect route how long till I will notice any sectioning or any magic... Any advice will help tynx
Cody Galvan
08/06/13 12:49:28AM @cody-galvan:
Thnx that's good news and I deffenantly will keep y'all posted

the Barrellady
08/05/13 01:10:08PM @the-barrellady:

No two year wait, take the Biotin. It is a hair growth supplement that can be found in local drug stores in the vitamin section, department stores too. Less than $10 a bottle. Take 6000mcg daily and in 3 months you will notice the growth happen. If you can't find that strength, it is safe to add up the tablets to equal it. As for your hair sectioning, it can start right now, it just won't start knotting yet. Mature dreads are loose at the roots for about an inch, forming dreads can be loose 3-4 inches, so that is why the hair has to be longer to dread and knot, just won't happen otherwise. Some will knot at 5 inches. So take the Biotin, let it separate into sections now and in about 6 months you will have action, no two year wait.....keep us posted on the action...peace

Cody Galvan
08/05/13 01:48:22AM @cody-galvan:
So I'm gonna guess you I got bout two years before any magic happens huh???

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/04/13 08:32:10PM @soaring-eagle:

u mean its only an inch long?

well typicaly 6 inches to dread tho sectioning can happen shorter

u can take biotin daily to increase hair growth

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