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user image 2012-10-19
By: Christine Tiffany Smith
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so.... what would be the best products to use to maintain locs? is there a specific way of washing your hair once it starts locking? is conditioner something to use?

Christine Tiffany Smith
10/23/12 10:14:48AM @christine-tiffany-smith:

mwah, star u r a star!

Star Gryphon
10/23/12 09:54:32AM @star-gryphon: huge way I know to wash my hair is that my scalp will start itching a little too much...and I might smell "dirty" a whiff of it...which usually takes about a week for me

Your hair will have loose fuzzies...those are just won't need to condition your hair until your dreads are fully a year or more...

So...just wash it...and make sure it's dry.

Also...I just learned on this site that you can either get the magic locking gel they have on that shampoo site...or use pure Aloe Vera to tame the fuzzies at events that it's important to really clean up...or be formal...

Christine Tiffany Smith
10/23/12 04:42:55AM @christine-tiffany-smith:

thanks so much guys for the feedback, much appreciated.....

Baba Fats
10/19/12 12:54:01PM @baba-fats:

The best products to maintain locks are the soaps Mons recommended and water. Wash 1-3 times a week with any of those soaps and separate your locks as needed. I've posted a few tutorials on how to separate locks.

There is nothing else you should be putting in your hair, nor are there any tools you should be using on your hair. Crochet hooks are for crocheting hats, scarves, etc... Wax is for waterproofing cars and other things you need to protect from water damage. Gels are for... well... nothing really.

10/19/12 11:37:52AM @mons:
You don't need any products. Conditioner will undo knots. To wash, use a baking soda rinse with an apple cider be rage rinse after to reset the ph of your scalp. If you don't know about this, there is a thread here titled 'baking soda and sea salt ratios' or just ask. The bars and liquids from and excellent as well, they're safe for new baby dreads, organic, vegan friendly and something else that escapes me right now. They smell absolutely amazing too.

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