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Random Blabbberings- 2 months

By: christina popejoy
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So two month mark!

Feel super at home with my hair becoming what it is. I cannot wait until the loops really start going nuts and to see some good progress. I should post some more pics soon. All in all I am loving this journey but am quickly seeing the strange looks friends have when they realise I am growing dreads and they think they look a littleweirdor not proper. Its provided me a chance to explain how dreadlocks are really grown. Many have found itfascinatingthat just with not combing, and just washing andseparatingyou can get locks.

Mine are going pretty good just now. The BS wash isdefinitelythe best forcleannessand it really dries my hair which makes it more tangley. The back combe sections at the back have completely fallen within the 1st few weeks. I tried to tnr these few but again it unravelled. Sojustleft it and now its finally knotting up. Yeeee! Gonna sleep on my back to to help them out a little bit.

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