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dread lock accesories?

user image 2012-10-29
By: christian2
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so i cut off the top of one of the smallest beanies ive had on me in order to make some sort of dread lock head wrap which was a fail lol cause now its fabric is everywhere, where i cut is falling apart does anyone have any sitesspecificallyto buy things for dread locks? accessories? tams?, beads. beanies etc?

10/30/12 03:38:20PM @totheankles:
Well my idea was more if it was at all achievable (without severe blockiness, although I realize it isn't going to be perfect, it might look a bit "pixelated" and that would be fine). Do you know anyone who might be capable and willing to do so?As much as I'd love to learn knitting, I'm afraid that since I want to make things so complicated that the amount of time it takes to learn just isn't worth it. Although I do need socks anyway...

10/30/12 01:15:47PM @mons:

I honestly would not be able to d something like that. I'm not that good. It could be done tho, it just wouldn't look like screen print. It would be a bit blocky (I can't think of a better word), unless like you said it was done with a fine yarn. I would offer to try for you, but I've barely conquered knitting stripes lol let alone following a complicated pattern requiring several colors!

10/30/12 10:36:55AM @totheankles:
Would something like this be at all possible? I'm guessing you need a really, really fine yarn. Which seems to translate in a ton of time. And that's excluding the time it takes a clumsy Neanderthal to learn how to knit.What would it cost to have someone knit it for me?

10/30/12 10:28:21AM @mons:
In my opinion, copying, pasting and math are the route. Some graph paper, the picture you want and knowing the tricks to make the pattern. All you need to learn is some yarn, knitting needles in the right size and YouTube or a good instruction book. That's how I learned. Now I have several friends who knit that I can ask questions if I need help.

10/30/12 10:16:43AM @totheankles:
The only thing keeping me from learning how to knit is costs (I'm a and the fact that it seems you can only knit stuff from patterns. If I am going through the trouble of learning knitting and sewing, I atleast want to be able to make my own stuff. Like...a My Little Pony sweater. That would be awesome. Standard printed cotton stuff is just bad quality that doesn't last.It is basicly impossible or a very high investment in time to make a knitting pattern yourself (with complicated artsy stuff)? Or can it be done with copy pasting and simple math?

10/30/12 08:02:20AM @mons:

Christian, you could learn how to knit! Lots of guys are knitting now. Anyway, There are a lot of people here who knit and of us could probably whip something up for you.

A really cheap convenient headband/wrap is a t-shirt sleeve. Just cut it off and put it on.

10/29/12 09:47:08PM @christian2:

(for floridians) i live near the florida mall does anyone know if theres any stores there that could help me get what i need as well?

Castaway J
10/29/12 09:40:17PM @castaway-j:
did my first response really not post? wth...

sean jesus
10/29/12 09:39:04PM @sean-jesus: is a great website for slouchy beanies, tams dreadsocks and other things for dreads

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