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crappy dreads today am i doing something wrong?

By: christian2
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hey guys, my dreads are making me feel like without the head band im going for some chucky finster look or some crack head xD im not paranoid or anything i just want to know what can i do to at least to make less of this crappy dread look mind you that im using natural method xP

chucky finster:Chuckiepro.jpg


i just finished washing them and there already dry some are begining to shrink and frizz so yea any help?

oh and good afternoon dread heads ^_^

Darren Wilson
10/28/12 01:56:12PM @darren-wilson:
Yeah i feel you. Its normal tho. I always put a hat on to kinda press em down. But thanks to this site and early Bob Marley pics. I shake my head to purposely make em look crazy and dont give a damn what anybody says or as long as your hair is healthy jus let em do what they gonna do. When you mess with something that naturally happens. You will delay the process. But a lil bit of pure aloe vera will hold them. I gently twisted dreads downward and held it for a min. I dont even do that anymore tho.

10/28/12 01:27:22PM @mons:

They look just like they should! Frizz happens, it's all part of the process. Without frizz there would be nothing to tangle up. Part of the reason they're sticking up is because they're on the short side. Frizzy fluffy locks are especially normal when they're freshly clean. When I have one that's 'misbehaving', I just tuck it under another to kind of hold it down. That's it. If you have a loose tam you could always wear that on days that you're feeling especially Chuckie Finster-ish. I prefer the comparison to Side Show Bob personally. At least he was a funny whack job, Chuckie was just a whiney scaredy cat.

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