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By: christian2
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images.jpgok ok im about one month and a week in and my dreads are starting to backfire on me to the point people have even said is that dread locks or has he not brushed his hair? and i need help im right now using neglect but i started with twist and rip i refuse to put anything that might damage my dread locks on my hair i honestly just want nice looking dreads like the first picture but instead mines look alot dryer and plus there much shorter i keep them looking nice with a head band but thats all i can really do but here are how my dreads look there really short and blah looking20121026_155235%20%281%29.jpg20121026_181509.jpgthey dont even feel like dreads they feel like fluff balls

Kristian Brooks
11/14/12 11:45:23PM @kristian-brooks:
That's barely any frizz compared to mine lol

Baba Fats
10/27/12 09:52:33PM @baba-fats:

Absolutely. That frizzy hair is what snags onto other frizz and tangles to create knots.

10/27/12 09:46:04PM @christian2:

so if they just start to frizz uncontrollably like they sometimes do after i shower or the day after i shower i should just let them firzz?

Baba Fats
10/27/12 09:37:07PM @baba-fats:

Never palm roll at all. Palm rolling destroys your locks. More often can destroy them to the point of no return:

That's what only 2 weeks of pal rolling can do.

Beanies are too tight and prevent locking or force them to form flat.

Yours look great. They may feel soft, but locks, even the most mature ones, should be soft. They will tighten more and more. You're not that far along yet.

10/27/12 09:27:35PM @christian2:
its a head band and i usually wear it only for school i let them run freely when i get home and when i shower and wash them thats when there at there worst, i would wear a beanie and when i take it off it looks like dreads and fizzy hair molded to the shape of my beanie which was horrible does this mean i should start palm rolling them alot often?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/27/12 09:20:11PM @soaring-eagle:

if u want dreads u got to learn to ignore idiots and haters

dreads are....uncombed hair

if it looks like uncombed hair at 1 month then its on its way to amazing dreads

dreads never look like dreads at a month

well tyours look sur[risingly far along

just leave en be

dont wear the scarf all the time leave em to fly free

andwhen someone sauys are those dreads or uncombed hair just tell them theres absolutely no diference between the 2 so how can u answer such a stupid question

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