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user image 2010-09-19
By: Christian
Posted in:
I think this website is awesome, it's helping me out a whole lot, although I'm still unsure whether or not to get dreads. I really really really want them, I'm just unsure how to get them, in which way is best and how to maintain them. :| It's frustrating. Anyways, I might go to sleep pretty soon! GoodNight!
10/18/10 03:30:36PM @shawna:
Yes, I had my hair sectioned off in a brick style pattern and started from the bottom. I took each section and ripped and twisted them, it took about 40 hours or more over the course of 7 days. Well worth it tho.

10/18/10 05:53:43AM @christian:
Was that all you did? Just Twist and Rip? How long was your hair when you did it? I wish my hair was a bit longer, that's all. Haha, sad face. :\

09/21/10 07:50:32AM @shawna:
I just did the T&R method and it was super easy- all it took was time and patients and I think as long as you have that you can do it!

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