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Christian Thomas Patton


Location: Columbia, KY
Zipcode: 42728
Country: US


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Terrible happenings

user image 2013-04-23
By: Christian Thomas Patton
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I've been staying in a hotel recently because I'm moving (the electricity had been shut off) from Columbia, Ky toAlbuquerque, NM, and this morning some friends and family came to help pack and when we got to the houseI find that someone had broken into my house. They took my guitars, surround speakers, anything with value, they had rummaged through my 8 month old nephews things and broke our tv. And the thieves had taken raw meat and threw it on my mothers bed. I'm hoping this move will be a new start. I just want to get there and clear my mind.

the Barrellady
05/01/13 12:45:03AM @the-barrellady:

04/27/13 01:47:45AM @aj3:
Everything will work out for you, just stay strong. I'm sorry to hear about your house, that's horrible. I know it's easier said than done, but keep your head up and stay positive.

Christian Thomas Patton
04/26/13 01:00:57PM @christian-thomas-patton:

There was some complications and as of now we aren't moving at all. Which I am not too happy about, but things are starting to get a bit better.

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