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1st Knot!

By Chloe, 2013-06-30

Hola Dreadlocks Site!

Today I am so excited as 3 weeks ago I took out all the twists I was trying so hard to keep neat and in place everyday, washed my hair and haven't styled it since just wash a few times a week and let it dry and today....... today I came across my first errr knot? I don't know what to call it but its definitely knotted and looking dread like!

Wahooooo! The rest is still either frizzy, tight little coils or loosely coiled - the strangest thing for me is that it is now definitely more curly than when I used to use curl shampoo and conditioner everyday and then top it all of with tonnes of curl enhancing gel! I don't think its suffered from not conditioning either!

I'm really happy with my hair now for the first time in my life - waking up and not knowing what its going to be like that day is really cool and I'm even enjoying the weird looks I get on the really frizzy days! I still want to cry though when I think of the months I wasted trying to get 'perfect neat dreads' through interlocking, braids and crochet!! I had a narrow escape and from all that craziness though thanks to this site and Soaring Eagles good advice and now cant wait to see what happens next!

I also read a really great book by Adette Wellington called ' How to Grow Amazing Dreadlocks ' She has 12 year old natural dreads starting from an afro - her advice is to basically keep your hair clean and leave it alone! How to Grow Amazing Dreadlocks


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