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"Songs of the Dead"

By: Chell
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I just read this amazing book by Derrick Jensen and I know everyone should read this book! It violated me right to my core, I wanted to throw it down and stomp on it, rip it apart! I read it almost non-stop in one day. It's one of those books that articulates feelings that are so hard to communicate.There are a lot of important issues he touches within the problems of this patriarchal society. Injustices done to earth and it's people and the mentality surrounding it. There is one part of the book where his lover describes perfectly the objectification of women, I identified with this immediately of course. It was more than just an identification though, it was hope that this issue can be cured. For instance when someone (especially from the opposite sex) "pays me a compliment" (that phrase in itself is questionable) I always felt uncomfortable and would say "don't do that" or "everyone is beautiful" or something along those lines. Allison, Jensen's love, helped me to form the reason why a little clearer.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/18/10 08:02:10PM @soaring-eagle:
youve been trough alot havent you? i may still compliment you but i do understand beeauty can be a curese even a devastating one

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