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So it's been just over a month...

user image 2011-04-04
By: Cheekychu
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and things are going well :) this is definitely a real test of patience. i am totally ok with that. there's a lot of symbolism going on here. i'm 34, i have a ten year old daughter and i just had a second child. i'm on maternity leave from work so my day to day has changed drastically. i'm just home with my little one soaking up every moment. i wish it could last forever. no running, no rushing, just trying to keep the little man happy :) so it's been a beautiful time to embark on this journey. i'm loving this.. when my daughter was born i was young and a first time mom and i was so neurotic! and now that i'm older and i know what to expect it's such a different experience. i'm able to really enjoy every moment and take things in stride. your outlook plays such a major part in how things progress. patience is definitely a virtue!!

so! my hair has re-separated on it's own into skinnier clumps. i uploaded a couple of pics. i'd like them a bit thicker in the end but for now i'm just goin with it. i think when my roots grow in they'll get thicker on their own. i wash once a week with neutrogena. no conditioner, just rinsing really really well. i figure i'll do that till i kill that bottle and then probably just use baking soda and acv. and still, my scalp is very happy.

on a side note, i posted a pic of my ex-bf's dreads as well. they're 11 years old and beautiful. though he had them "done" in the beginning and has wax and god knows what else in there. though, i'll give him credit, he started his dreads bc he literally got tired of combing his hair (the lazy bumb..) and at least walked into the place with a pretty good mess in progress. despite that, they're still gorgeous, but i was always compelled to pick stuff out of them. lol, he hated that and thinks i'm crazy for not going to a salon. we shall see.. i'm confident i'm on the right track :)

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