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chasity thiel


Location: Dayton, OH
Zipcode: 45410
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/15/11 02:45:42PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome what "organic products" just cause its organic dont mean its great for dread s (in fact if it says its for dread theres a god chance its not good)

12/30/10 09:39:32PM @cinnadread:
They look great! :)

12/19/10 09:11:46AM @cinnadread:
Hi Courtney. Thanks for adding me! I live in central Jersey by Ft. Dix. You're in northern Jersey right? Looking forward to seeing to seeing your dread pics - mine will be 5 months next week :)

Jovian Ancira
06/23/10 10:18:50AM @adrian-keenan:
im glad to hear that, looking forward to seeing them.

Jovian Ancira
06/21/10 02:21:42PM @adrian-keenan:
thats cool, quite a few people have said about lossing length when dreading. i didnt really notice with mine, i started from a shaved head and just went natural.i hope you stick around, not having dreads yet is certainly not an issue in this site(at least i hope not) theres plenty of people to ask things about and admire their dreads to inspire you on your way.

Jovian Ancira
06/18/10 04:34:56PM @adrian-keenan:
so how long til you start dreading you think? look long enough to go natural.

Jovian Ancira
06/16/10 12:01:40PM @adrian-keenan:
hey there, welcome sister.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/16/10 10:44:30AM @soaring-eagle:
well eventhat might not be since so many newbies fall for the products and harmful methods scams..the best way to go by far is natural, no time spent making them just spent waitting for themthats the healthiest waybut twist and rips not too bad either..low damage and can make em semi quickbut look around read the guides and discussions then ask questions

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/16/10 10:14:27AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisterglad u joined usbeing a cosmetologist youd probly think making dreads through the worse methods is the way to go, dread salons cause total disasters so i hope u learn the right ways to dread b4 u startthis is the best place to learnnamaste

12/30/10 09:39:32PM @cinnadread:
They look great! :)

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