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Charlie Boston


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help! before i do the shave...

By Charlie Boston, 2012-07-19

Hi there,

Im a newbie to dreading, a friend recently cut hers off as she was having a baby?? (not sure there what her dreads were going to do to her baby but anyway). As soon as I met her I knew I wanted to dread my hair it felt so natural! we've know each other for nearly a year now so Ive been keen on getting my hair to dread for a while. When i decided a few months ago I turned into an impatient child... When I decide on something I'm normally ready and I go for it but I had short hair, not short for me but extremely short for dreads! So for the past few months I have been patiently nurturing my hair and helping it grow.... probably not with all the crap Im putting in it to be honest! anyway.. I looked at the websites, looked at knotty boy and dreadheadHQ, the latter having me more sold but still sold. Then I stumbled upon these forums and you've stolen it from them all!

I not only want, I NEED advice on how do I start this without looking like a compete bum to work etc and how can I speed up the process yet still be natural and get the best looking natural dreads possible?!!! Im not asking too much am I ha ha ha. Oh lamens terms if possible, newbie :-)

dedicated "ready to be dreaded" dj Charlie B

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