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Holy Frizz!!

user image 2014-09-22
By: Sarah18
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Immediately after I started neglecting my hair, it separated itself into sections where I could see exactly where each dread would be. Then last week *poof* no more sectioning. Instead I had this soft pretty hair, except the underside which was still matting like crazy. I was curious what had changed to make it soft and pretty (other than conditioning because this was before I did that). Not worried about it, but just thought it was interesting and that maybe it would take longer than I thought to do it's thing.

Then two days ago *BAM* I woke up to a frizzy damn mess that just keeps getting bigger! I love it!

09/22/14 11:16:53PM @cb:

lol Yeah it really seems to be increasing friction. I desperately need to separate tonight and I'm terrified of how difficult it will be.

09/22/14 10:51:46PM @panga:
I'm starting to get the massive frizz too! Nice little halo lol. It feels like the frizz is finding it's way around sections and helping with the friction.

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