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Conditioning and smellin good!

By: Sarah18
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I sprayed some of the Dreadlock Shampoo salt spray on my hair tonight and immediately it felt crispy and dry, worse than it has throughout this process so far.

I broke down. I probably should have used ACV to condition it, but after gazing longingly at my Nutris Garnier citrusy smelling conditioner I became too weak.

I slathered it in my hair, inhaling the yumminess squishing through my fingers. It FELT good and it SMELLED good.

I left it on my hair for about 30 minutes and then rinsed with really hot water for about 5 minutes and then really cold water for about 5 minutes. I was curious what my hair would be like when I was done...would all my knots be gone? Would all my separations be gone?

Worries begone!! My separations are still there and my knots are probably a bit looser than they were before but those will tighten up again.

And more hair smells good! I missed that more than anything. I don't know that any dread friendly products can leave such a fragrance on my hair.

I'm weak, but I'm happy.

09/16/14 10:07:36PM @cb:

As quickly as my hair has been progressing, I wasn't too worried about setting myself back a bit. It didn't cause any permanent damage and made me feel really good, so that's okay in my book. lol

09/16/14 03:16:33PM @panga:
I recently ran out of baking soda. I didn't feel like walking down to the store and my hubby was out with the car so I just used my normal mane n' tail shampoo. I could tell my hair had residue, not only from the shampoo smell (which i love) but my hair was much smoother and lighter feeling than with just bs and acv. Not doing that again! Glad your knots are still there. I may have set myself back a tad from my shampoo use.

09/16/14 10:24:46AM @cb:

Yeah I knew I'd get some residue, which is why I'd never use it if my locks were tight as opposed to just tangled knots. I figure it will come out easily the next time I use my dreadlocks shampoo. I just needed a day or two of smelling this. lol

The sea salt spray does smell good, it just dissipates really quickly. I know it's supposed to make my hair feel drier and crunchier but this was WAY dry and crunchy. Way more than it's made it before. I didn't know about the jojoba oil and I'll definitely pick up some of that next month.


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/16/14 08:04:29AM @soaring-eagle:

and u got residue

the sea salt spray smelks goods and its suposed to make it feel thast way so it dreadsfaster it would tightenh up with new dreadsforming noticibly each use

to smell yummy just make your fave mix of essential oils

to condition safely use jojoba mixed with any oils u want

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