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Don't Laugh...

user image 2014-09-12
By: Sarah18
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I made a video of my dreads. Tomorrow is one month.

Yeah yeah...I sound nasaly because I'm sick and I'm all pudgy because, well, because I'm fat. lmao Please be kind. It's the first video I've ever made.

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09/13/14 10:26:37PM @cb:

Thanks to you both! I'm just blown away by the progress and enjoying every little bit of it. My friends and people in our area think I'm absolutely crazy. I'm the only mom with colored hair at my daughter's school and it's a pretty conservative area. I moved away to join the military and when I came back, no one had left! Everyone is still here, some have never left the small city or the state. People are so sheltered here that I don't really fit in much. It's a great town, I'm just really lucky that people are fairly open minded about the crazy things I do with my hair.

09/13/14 04:24:30PM @claire3:

Great progress for so early on!

09/12/14 05:56:11AM @naturaldreads01:

Hehe, as I mentioned before.. No need to worry about the sizes right now.. if they are thin later, it can be fixed.. If they are too thick, it is not as easily fixable.. Not sure if I ever said before, but you may want to try the dreadlockshampoo bars sometime.. I really like them.. Anyways, your locks are looking great! Personally, I think the section size is perfect for where they are right now. They usually seem smaller than what they actually end up being.. Believe me. lol. :D Wishing you much love, peace, health and wealth! :D

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