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2 Weeks and 1 Day (pic heavy!)

By: Sarah18
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Two weeks neglect! Everything has at least a tangle in it-and every piece of hair has found it's own section to nuzzle into. The bottom half of my hair is all one giant mass every morning. I have to separate at least once a day or it gets to the point I have to rip too much.

Ordered my Dreadlocks Shampoo and it should be delivered Tuesday. I can't wait to see what it does for my hair!

I only wear my hair up in a bun on weekends when my mom is around. I haven't broken the dready news to her yet. Hoping to get pretty far along before she notices!

My daughter starts 5th grade on Wednesday! How is it possible that I have an *almost* 11 year old?! I still feel like a kid myself, although I don't imagine that will ever change.

So, here's picture updates!

This, of course, is my favorite's all dready and tangly! This is before I separated it.

08/31/14 03:06:01AM @cb:

Thanks! I'm amazed at the progress.

08/31/14 02:39:09AM @naturaldreads01:
Oooo.. Pretty colors! :D hehe.. Pretty good progress for 2 weeks! :D

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