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Cayla Phillips


Location: Twentynine Palms, CA
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Military and Dreads

By: Cayla Phillips
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So my Husband and I live right outside of a USMC base (he's in the USMC) And I find that going on base or even meeting other females for friendships is awful! I've been here 2 months and I made 2 friends (before I dreaded) and only 1 of them will still hang out with me on a daily basis. I've learned to ignore the up and down looks of people who just don't understand me. But I'm tired of not having any friends to talk to or go out with. I left behind my family and friends and I just want some dread friendly people in my life! The other wives are ferocious and always so against each other which is why I can't seem to find a good decent person to interact with except for 1! We're in the desert, someone just come and be friends with me <3 Hoop loving is a plus! (They don't understand that either)

Cayla Phillips
04/03/14 11:14:00AM @cayla-phillips:

Understandable! Feel free to add me though! It's nice knowing there are awesome military wives lol

Rheana Hayes
04/03/14 06:43:24AM @rheana-hayes:

I do have facebook but will not be back on it until Easter (taking off of FB for lent.)

Cayla Phillips
04/02/14 07:31:12PM @cayla-phillips:

That's amazing and very true! I have 1 person that I actually like and get along with super well! Do you have facebook?

Rheana Hayes
04/02/14 10:03:14AM @rheana-hayes:

I understand your plight! I'm a navy wife and when you're in a military town, sometimes the only thing the women know is how to be a "military wife." They are vicious. They are snobs. They love drama. Many of them are so young, straight out of high school, and even many that are older behave as though they are teenage girls. They judge. Everything from your husbands rank, to your outfit, to your parenting. My advise is find a couple cool people maybe through your husbands friends, and steer clear of the cliques of "the wives." Find an alternate spirituality group in your town to find more open people. Find a poetry reading or coffee shop or arts center or something with creative people. Military life can be tough for "non-military" kinda folks. Just remember, you don't have to live military life. You just keep living your life and your path, and always choose the highest friends- friends who are as intelligent, loyal, and true as you are.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/01/14 04:21:26PM @soaring-eagle:

i believe it

well look further then

at least your not in that other dessert with the military

Cayla Phillips
04/01/14 04:14:51PM @cayla-phillips:

We're like 2 hours from LA. But in a super small town and the people who live here not affiliated with the military are all on meth and other crazy nasty shit.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/01/14 04:08:05PM @soaring-eagle:

where in the desert/ if u found 1 in the military with an open mind your beating the odds count yourself lucky and look outside of military circles for freinds with like minds

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