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Hate breeds hate

12/20/10 12:11:49PM

I dont know if this is the right group for this. But here it goes anyway. Up untill about 18 months ago I followed the news with the lies it fed me about our current wars in the world. The attitude of how much simpler the world would be if every nation thought the same. The east became the west so to speak. Butas time has gone on and I have started to question the news placed before me. Thingsseem not to be so clean cut anymore. We constantly almost daily are reminded of our nations troop casualtys and fatalitys. The media never inform us of the price on the oppositons civilians. We all know what a dirty buissness war is and there will always be casualtys. But if our media brought home the true facts and figures would everyone else see the prices innocent people like us are paying. People who dont want to be caught up in a war. As more people die it seems as if the hate is more justified and the breeding and cultivating of hate supports our leaders actions.These are only my opinions and I hope I dont offend anyone.

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