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Loving My Dreads - Especially Now That I Have My Organic Dread Bar!

By: Cathy Givans
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So I just got excited because I just discovered that I have a blog here! Eeee! Okay, on to writing:

I am almost two full weeks into my dread journey and I am so in love with my natural dreads. I have found freedom through this method of dreading instead of the confinement of the constant maintenance I felt I needed to do on my tnr dreads. I love watching the new daily habits of my hair and even though the back looks like a great big fuzz ball, I am definitely noticing some sections. I do have a lot of little sections that I worry won't be big enough but I am surrendering control to nature. There are some bigger sections and even some definite knotting going on. I have experimented with beads a bit, but am afraid to put too many in because I don't want to disrupt nature's course by creating sections that might not have been created had I left my hair alone.

The biggest and most exciting news is the arrival of my organic dread bars. I ordered two - the Nag Champa and the Dragon's Blood. I must admit, the Nag Champa definitely appeals to me more, but they both are great. I was so excited when I got the package that I sniffed only about two seconds and then commenced with ripping into the box. Luckily, I was due for a wash, so I promptly headed to the shower and enjoyed the wonderful smell and feel. I did notice that before I did my ACV that there was a residue feel and I started to worry, (I have had tons of issues with residue because I have such hard water and obstinate hair) but as soon as I did my ACV, all residue was gone. I noticed that the shampoo bar did something very different and amazing to my hair. In just one wash, it looks healthier than it has been in forever and its natural curl is back. The feel of my hair is definitely softer but it also seems that I can feel the knotting better as well.

Overall, I am so glad to be on this journey. It is a journey that I never would have imagined for myself and outside of the community here, I haven't disclosed it to anyone. It is private. It is reflective. It is soulful. It is mine and by not sharing my journey with the world, it has already been more personal and more significant in the bigger journey of my life.

Cathy Givans
11/26/11 11:34:32AM @cathy-givans:
I have looked into that but there are seven in my family and I don't know that we are handy enough to create space for everyone, lol.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/26/11 03:04:21AM @soaring-eagle:

get a schoolbus and turn it into an rv

Cathy Givans
11/26/11 01:32:24AM @cathy-givans:

I had thought about it this week - skipping the acv, just to see what would happen. I won't mention anything in any reviews I do thought about the acv either way. I am pretty sure that if I do need it that it has more to do with the water in our town than anything. It is atrocious! It smells like a public pool when you take a shower. I don't even use chlorine in my home but I have to smell it anyway, ugh. I would put in a whole house filtration system if it weren't for the fact that my family and I are trying to work towards RV living full time. It's going to take forever (it feels like) to get there, but it is our goal and spending the money on it sounds counteractive at the moment.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/26/11 01:18:36AM @soaring-eagle:

aeesome and well the new site when its finnicxshed (monday i hope) will have a product recvirews section so u can review each bar individualy

and next wash trey withoit the acv and see i think what u felt was the way the clay cleans the bars contain a special clay (thats probly the most expensive ingredient) along with the bheer and all thre rest so its definately a diferent feel

but your right abput the healthiness factor i mean ..its visible its not just that they feel healthier but u can see the difference as well

she just sent me another box including the new liquid shampoo the samsura dread bar a basil and tomato complexion bar and i think a lemony body bar

i probly got a 6 month supply already and sghe keeps sending me more haha

Cathy Givans
11/12/11 11:57:57PM @cathy-givans:

Now that I have a quiet house, I went back and re-read my response and I totally forgot to thank you SE for recommending them! You truly are a lifesaver - well technically a dread saver :) Thank you.

Cathy Givans
11/12/11 09:06:42PM @cathy-givans:

It seemed almost necessary for the ACV rinse...I wasn't sure so I figured it couldn't hurt and it kicked the teeny bit of residue I thought I was feeling (it might not have been residue at all, but it did resemble the feel I had with Dr B's just a little after I rinsed) but oh man! Those bars are friggin awesome! Oh, and I tried the face soap and exfoliating sample and I am in LOVE! Since abandoning chemicals, I hadn't really found anything that left my face feeling soft and moisturized without leaving it greasy. I am a dry person all the way around and it is such a chore keeping my skin moisturized. I know the dread bar is for your hair, but I actually used it for my skin too. It's been hours since my shower and my skin doesn't feel itchy or painful like it always does. Vegan, earth friendly, smells good and just plain works! They have definitely earned my thumbs up and my business....turns out though, they have also earned more. I have waywardly mentioned that I am a writer and I am going to do several writing reviews on the dread bar as well. Hopefully it will help bring them some business because they are definitely deserving!

Oh, and I will pass along the links to you SE...from what I can tell, you seem to know her personally and she might like to see them. She has my full permission to post links on her site as well as portions of the review as long as she links back to the full review in the credits. (false reviews are a dime a dozen and I would never advise her to do anything that would compromise her credibility which is why I suggested the link.)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/12/11 08:53:17PM @soaring-eagle:

seperate only if 2 sections u dont want joined are connecting if theyre not real knotted then fdo it gently

those shampoo bars are amazing arent they? i dont do the acv after and notice no residuiue at all but my god my hairs so healthy so soft so knotty so anmsazing

Cathy Givans
11/12/11 08:16:43PM @cathy-givans:
So I didn't know it when I posted this but I have some pretty good knotting. I know it's probably time to start separating, but I am afraid of losing potential dreading from doing it anyone?

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