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just talking about Truth and peoples addiction to the truth

user image 2012-11-28
By: Castaway J
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Call a man who speaks Truth a fool, no matter how abstract, you only know "the truth", which has been twisted and perverted into literalization for masses, you only know to use half or the left brain, oh and they have made sure of it for thousands of years.

Have an open mind, do some investigation on your own part, and do not settle for the first search result you find dig dig then dig some more, search for both sides to the story.

Then draw your own conclusions.

Follow your intuition.

Follow through.

If you do not have time, then make time. It is your responsibility, it is an introvert battle we all must face but one that we all can win. Most of us have been feeling something lately, you are not alone.

Castaway J
11/28/12 10:37:50AM @castaway-j:

it agrees. intuition is your right brain, which is connected to the source of all knowledge where many people draw random answers from without even knowing it.

11/28/12 08:28:36AM @kelly3:

Yeah, doesn't look like a full statement.

11/28/12 08:25:19AM @gingerrose:
Hmm. Not sure if my whole comment posted. Looks cut off from here (phone view). If it did cut off, it basically just agrees and adds.

11/28/12 08:22:42AM @gingerrose:
Research, yes - no argument there. In my observation, intuition can become clearer as the mind

11/28/12 06:52:33AM @kelly3:

I mirror your sentiment on making your own judgement. But, I say follow the evidence and use reason. Intuition is very unreliable :)

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