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day 407 of - About quitting smoking today.

user image 2012-11-05
By: Castaway J
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today i kinda snapped, i really do not know what made me, or why it just felt like one of the manyimpulsesi oftensuppress. I did not snap at a coworker, friend, or any animate object..i snapped my cigarette, then keptsayinim done im done, gave my almost full pack away and left!!!! that happened about four and a half hours ago!

I'mgoing to try these homeopathic chew pill things that SE recommended worked for him real wells, and i have tried them, they kill the craving.

Lets start by saying that for the last, maybe 5 months my dreads have not changed, so they have just been growing length at the roots mainly.

i feel like if idon'tfix the issue of smoking cigs and quit for good, my dreads cant and will not progress any further.i'msure they would. but honestly,i'vebeen wanting to quit for 7 years, of 14 year smoking. thats too long.

...this all is happening at a stage when my dreads are really defining themselves, becoming locked upknotsof love. when i think about it, i think that smoking the cigs is not only good for my own heath or those around me, i think about the image that the word sees. another smoking locked up hippy, bum, or whatever. dreads i believe do not want to beassociatedwith that at all!

so...from this day forth i hope to really quite smoking cigarettes, while keeping a deaded quitting smoking timeline :)

Castaway J
11/28/12 10:16:48AM @castaway-j:

what i have are all herbal, except one thing which after reseaerhing found out its letheal to humans in large doses.

i hate to report though that i havent fully quit yet. ive been maintaining a 5 a day limit. just like what Ginger was saying more or less thats the route i naturally fell into. i was just saying yesterday how its beginning to realy just feel like a habit, rather than a ascendancy, and that one day i feel like i just willl be done for good..

and adam, im really trying avoud any type of similar routes with chemicals, i take this battle personally because im upset at my lack of will power, i should be abke to let it go already.

11/28/12 08:27:45AM @kelly3:

Homoeopathic "medicines" should be only water and possibly sugar. There is no pharmacologicalreason for them to work. There is a medicine over here called "Champex", that my friends have found to be effective. It kills all cravings and you just lose the desire to smoke. Sure there are some side effects, such as a upset stomach and very vivid dreams, etc, but this is a small price to pay in order to extend your life.

11/28/12 08:14:40AM @gingerrose:
For what it's worth, I quit about 7 years ago, first by switching to home rolls to get off the chemicals, then by smoking consciously, rather than reflexively. It took months, but I never went back. If I couldn't take it, I would have only as much as it took to not feel crazy, then stub it out. No guilt - guilt was counterproductive. Since smoking is an emotional suppressant, strong negative feelings about quitting are like hell on wheels. If you go cold turkey instead of tapering, a homeopathic should take the edge off - I read about Lobelia, but there may be others.

11/28/12 07:23:09AM @kelly3:

Oh, and on the topic ofhomoeopathicpills, be verywary. In the US productslabelledashomoeopathicdo not have to go through the same processes as other "medicines" do.

11/28/12 07:18:25AM @kelly3:

I found this post on erowid. It's very well written. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with your situation, but it is good for a read, nonetheless.

the Barrellady
11/12/12 11:46:26PM @the-barrellady:

Don't feel like you are cheating on yourself if you cave in for a smoke, cold turkey is hard. I smoke to, cigarettes are an addiction, so easy on yourself if you need to give in once in a blue moon. One day you will be free...

11/09/12 03:33:18PM @rhiannon2:

Chewing on the herb licorice is known to help subside cravings as well as the oral fixation since the root resembles a cigarette. Good luck my friend :)

11/07/12 10:15:24PM @tazz:

yeah i definitely get more irritated at people first few days. usually 3-4 days is the point where i calm back down. LOL

11/07/12 09:57:34PM @mons:
You're half way there! The first 3 days are supposed to be the hardest. You're working the nicotine out of your system, so you go thru the worst withdrawals then. While you'll still crave cigarettes, you don't actually need them, it's a habit. Tomorrow if you can not smoke at all, you'll be set.

Castaway J
11/07/12 04:49:53PM @castaway-j:

ok so today, while i have cheated a little i have not had a full smoke, i have not been fully satisfied either on that basicly its starting to get to me....

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