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user image 2012-10-24
By: Castaway J
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I was just outside thinking about things like i usually do, but this time i came to a moment of realization, something that hasnt happened in a while that i can remember. standing there on the porch looking up at the stars i was thinking to myself about how much my dreads have matured and the fact that its been well over a year. more specifically i was hooked on the notion that somehow my own development was somehow connected to that of my own forming dreadlocks. i mean its crazy to think about or even consider, is it insane to know it to be true though? introverts are though to be fair. It just blows my own mind living through the process myself and seeing the change over the last year.

11/08/12 08:51:26PM @jony:

hahaha thats awesome. i would agree it does have some kind of connection. irememberhaving a similar thought while looking at my hair once. its just like medoesn'tknow what it wants to be yet since my hair is curly, wavy, straight, and crazy. lol.Cantmake up its mind neither. lol

Castaway J
10/30/12 02:35:39AM @castaway-j:

for real its always interesting to me haha

Star Gryphon
10/26/12 12:03:56AM @star-gryphon:

I definitely have spent many hours just looking at how the different ropes have formed. Some have stories I remember...others just look cool!

Castaway J
10/25/12 09:08:00PM @castaway-j:

cool! that stuffs awesome. i could check em out for days sometimes each ones so unique in its own right. expeccially when you can check out the tangles like that :)

Star Gryphon
10/24/12 11:52:46PM @star-gryphon:

Well...I got a big surprise this summer! I looked down at my locks...and the sun was shining JUST right....I could see ever different thing tangled in...

Castaway J
10/24/12 11:44:45PM @castaway-j:

thats exactly what it is. lol Star i try not to think about that haha

Star Gryphon
10/24/12 02:02:10PM @star-gryphon:

love it! Yup...they stay with you! Sometimes I think about all the things they must have collected too....such as my cat's and dog's hair....fuzzies from different blankets you've slept with...

10/24/12 12:56:59PM @gingerrose:

yes, I see it like a reflection. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Castaway J
10/24/12 12:53:19PM @castaway-j:

its so amazing. it brings a sense of accomplishment to me, and ive never felt more connected to my dreads than ever before. its as if we are going through some shit and dealing with and developing with it together and growing/maturing together in tandem. its wicked cool :)

10/24/12 08:51:20AM @gingerrose:
I started mine when I made a new commitment for myself, so definitely have watched this happen.

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