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Cassie Sattler


Location: Saint Paul, MN
Zipcode: 55109
Country: US


images: 7
videos: 1

bragging about my dreads

streams: 22
video file: 28.8MB, 00:06:06

04/18/10 04:00:59PM @boobie:
great vid : ) i enjoyed watching it... your dreads look really cool.

Cassie Sattler
04/09/10 11:20:22PM @cassie-sattler:
yea i only used wax twice in the early ages of the dreads... i have an aloe plant hun lol thanks you

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/09/10 09:38:16AM @soaring-eagle:
awww cassie i love you your adorable and what a great vidive loved sharing this journey with you :)

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