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Judging Dreds

user image 2010-06-14
By: cassie gabriel
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Why do people judge others just cause they have dreds? I rely dont know. Im new to my dreds but ive been thinking bout if i should get them for acouple months. Im happy that i made the decision to get them. In a way, it boosts my confidence up. When people stare at me, i rely dont care. It kinda just makes me laugh looking at their faces staring at me. I think the dreds rely pulled together my personality. Im alot happier with them in.
07/05/10 05:50:33AM @bill:
why do people judge others because they , have a criminal record, earn lots, dont earn lots, because there black/white/asian,have hair,dont have hair,have an ugly partner,have a pretty partner, have a nice big cake, have no food. my guess is that people are very strange creatures we seem to all split up in to diffrent groups and then bad mouth the other groups. cant say i hold a good opinion of balylocks football fanatics, or the 5.0, or any lieing cheating sub human scum that are politicians. but i still try to love them it's just really hard to tho, i guess it's the same for them to an extent

cassie gabriel
06/21/10 11:53:48PM @cassie-gabriel:

That Crazy Family
06/21/10 09:04:47AM @that-crazy-family:
Ive had LOTS of negativity from family but remember its your life, LIVE it!

cassie gabriel
06/20/10 07:03:18PM @cassie-gabriel:
ha ive only had them for a week and a couple days and i already dont care

Shuaib ahmed
06/19/10 02:00:52PM @shuaib-ahmed:
gd to hear your parents are starting to get used to them, I wish I get the same reaction..... soon lol.

06/19/10 11:18:48AM @babylon:
my mom is getting used to them already and i'm only dreading for a month

06/19/10 11:17:27AM @babylon:
maybe in a jear you can convince you're parents there's nothing wrong with them

Shuaib ahmed
06/19/10 07:07:57AM @shuaib-ahmed:
I just got told if by the end of the first Uni year, if I dont get rid of the dreads I shouldnt bother coming home........ looks like im gunna have to look for a flat some where lol

06/19/10 04:31:05AM @cavewoman:
this is exactly how I feel. They feel like they should have always been there, and those "icky smell" faces make me laugh too ;) you really stop caring what people think about you

06/19/10 03:44:59AM @babylon:
I think it shoudn't be a problem getting a job. Perhaps top jobs are a different story. I work as a nurse and i havend heard anything from the big boss (only if if it was my own hair). You can where you're dreads real decently for the job. b.t.w. you guys are goning to uni so how far is a job away anyway, by that time you'll have great dreads.

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