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Casey Boyett (Shadowfax)


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user image 2011-07-07
By: Casey Boyett (Shadowfax)
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Ok. So... To start off I should say that the dreads I started on March 13th were brushed out and redone on May 29th. They're looking and feeling amazing and I'm really happy to have them ^-^ This is only relevant because of something I find to be incredible.

Eleven days ago I found out that I'm pregnant! :] I'm five weeks and four days along and you know what day they count from? May 29th! So my dreadies are also five weeks and four days old <3 I just thought it was pretty awesome to have it line up like that xD

I'm super excited and happy to be bringing a life into this world and I can't wait to experience everything that's in store for myself and my child :]

07/08/11 09:35:36AM @foxpaw:
Congratulations momma! You should pass on the tradition to your child ;)awesome so awesome, i wish you the best of luck

Amy Lee2
07/07/11 01:49:15PM @amy-lee2:
congrats to you :)

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