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Dread Growout

user image 2010-07-03
By: Carrissa Painter
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When my hair grows out will it dread by itself or is there something I have to do in order to make my hair dread?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/03/10 03:16:12PM @soaring-eagle:
london well the answers not a somple yes no the dreads u create in a grid stay basicly the same but the grod fades away as you seperate dreads u break connecting hairs which fill in the gaps then over time rejoin dreads or become new baby dreads the new dreads ofcourse ar natural sections probly thinnerthe grid sections however dont usualy become more natural unless they fall apart completely and resection themselves

London <3
07/03/10 07:10:57AM @london-3:
SE, Another question, sorry.... I'm quite a naturally curious person =pOk... If we were to TnR to start dreads off, if we let them grow out... the naturally dreading hair would keep dreading in the grid pattern? OR would it then section on it's own into our natural lock sections?Thanks =]London <3

07/03/10 03:52:04AM @greygargoyle:
I'm gonna answer all your blogs although everyone already has. I just wanna reinforce their DO NOT NEED WAX, it's horrible for your hair. Rubber bands are also very bad for your hair and your hair dreads on it's own...there is no need for you to maintain it...except for occasional separating.

Carrissa Painter
07/03/10 12:45:31AM @carrissa-painter:
Yeah I did.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/02/10 11:51:40PM @soaring-eagle:
did you read the dreaducation thread? i tried to make that failrly complete

Carrissa Painter
07/02/10 11:43:26PM @carrissa-painter:
Alright sweet. Thanks much.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/02/10 11:41:37PM @soaring-eagle:
ofcouyrse it will you never had to backcomb or do anything ti dreadall your life u prevented dreads all you ever had to do to dread was stop preventing themyou came here after reading bad info on bad sites that told you dreads require alot of work and products, thats a lie all that you ever hasd to do to dread was stop combing and conditioning your hair would have dreaded better on its since hair dreads withiut doing a thing ofcourse you dont need to do a thing to keep it dreading

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