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Is wax bad?

user image 2010-07-02
By: Carrissa Painter
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Should I use wax or not? Because I've seen many people say they use wax and other say that wax is horrible for dreads ..

07/10/10 12:11:00PM @naturalwomyn:
I am really surprised that anyone would RECOMMEND wax here!?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
Carrissa Painter
07/02/10 08:16:26PM @carrissa-painter:
Where are the threads?

07/02/10 08:09:03PM @opaulao:
like the other said, no wax. The backcombing could come undone a little...or a lot.. but either way, hair will always dread. Just leave it alone, wash when it feel dirty and separate if they start coming together. That's all you should ever have to do :)

07/02/10 08:08:16PM @iain:
yeah I used wax and don't recommend it either, if you have used it, I'd recommend just stopping using it, see how you like it.

Carrissa Painter
07/02/10 08:06:13PM @carrissa-painter:
If I take em out I dont have to backcomb or anything?

Carrissa Painter
07/02/10 07:56:35PM @carrissa-painter:
Cool, nice to know. If I have rubber bands in my hair, how long should I keep them in?

07/02/10 07:47:41PM @sillywalkingminister:
Wax is good...rub it all over...oh no..wait..that's for candle making...;)to have supa dreads all you need is patience and support of all the wonderful ppl on this site..:))

Carrissa Painter
07/02/10 07:42:08PM @carrissa-painter:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/02/10 07:40:14PM @soaring-eagle:
no wax they all had dreads undere 3 years didnt they//wax is a horrible mistake just read the wax threads hereonly a clueless newbie would ever recomend wax

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