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dreadlocks shampoo
carolanne costantino


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roots growing out :)

user image 2010-07-28
By: carolanne costantino
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sooo, slowly but surely, i watch my dreadlocks grow, and its like watching a baby grow haha. i did notice however after washing my dreadlocks, after they were all dried, that now that my roots are growing out and doing their own thing, that i can literally where the natural dreads start by the roots and where the wax was used about a year ago. VERY SAD INDEED. i can seee the residue..and it disgusts me. at first i thought maybe i didnt wash the shampoo out enough but then noticed it was definitely old wax...maybe baking soda will eat it away? maaaan.but on a good note, i finally have some dreads reaching a teeny bit past my shoulders. WOO WOO!!!lots of love
carolanne costantino
07/28/10 01:48:41PM @carolanne-costantino:
sweet, my friend has some all natural laundry soap downstairs, ill ask him if i can borrow some. we have natural dishsoap too, would that work? i tried the hot water, wow was that difficult. the water wouldnt stay hot, and it was pretty hard to get the ones in the back. someone should come up with "WAX-B-GONE" i could use a hug after this aggrivation :(;)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/28/10 11:57:58AM @soaring-eagle:
do the wax removal here heat lots of soaps (dish soap or read the 1 blog post bout laundry soap and wax (an all natural 1)or something like hunk out or..straight acv and alot of itafter its all out ill give ya a hug

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