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dreadlocks shampoo
carolanne costantino


Location: Asheville, NC
Zipcode: 28806
Country: US


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roots growing out :)

By carolanne costantino, 2010-07-28
sooo, slowly but surely, i watch my dreadlocks grow, and its like watching a baby grow haha. i did notice however after washing my dreadlocks, after they were all dried, that now that my roots are growing out and doing their own thing, that i can literally where the natural dreads start by the roots and where the wax was used about a year ago. VERY SAD INDEED. i can seee the residue..and it disgusts me. at first i thought maybe i didnt wash the shampoo out enough but then noticed it was definitely old wax...maybe baking soda will eat it away? maaaan.but on a good note, i finally have some dreads reaching a teeny bit past my shoulders. WOO WOO!!!lots of love
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ahhh again with the loose hair.

By carolanne costantino, 2010-03-30 patience has increased dramatically..and besides from pulling out the crochet hook for some (not all) loose hairs, im proud to say im still not doing anything else with my dreads, besides from baking soda cleanses. roots are growing in..some in the back is a tad bit frustrating, especially on top. im hoping to come across a happy medium with maintaining my roots (no palm rolling), but a natural way to help them along..a bit contridicting, but i hope someone knows what i mean. :)

lots of love carolanne
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