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No dreadwax.

user image 2013-05-29
By: Canada Christine Single
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So I just dreaded my hair last September and a couple months ago I was having serious problems with flyaway hair pieces. I read everything on how dreadwax is super horrible for dreads, but I needed something. I thought about it for a while and got this really great idea. Years ago I lived in a town with a wool shop and the lady that owned it would sell lanolin balm as a natural lotion. It's made out of lanolin oil which is the stuff they was out of sheeps wool to untangle it and make it soft for crafts and cloth making. My thought was that if they washed it out to untangle hair, logically putting the stuff in hair would tangle it. Sheeps wool is very matted before the oil is removed. So I went to Esther's Place in Big Rock IL, and bought a couple jars. My plan worked great. The oil also helps smooth out the new growth making it more uniform. So if anyone is considering dreadwax, I highly suggest looking into lanolin balm first.

Canada Christine Single
05/29/13 07:24:14PM @canada-christine-single:

Nope, not a bit. It soaks in for the most part and its a really light oil. I'm pretty sure it strengthens the hair but I haven't found valid proof of that.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/29/13 06:36:07PM @soaring-eagle:

does it build up at all though?

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